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Printing Services - Scanning & Archiving


Large Format

We can help you free up valuable office space by scanning your hard copy originals by using our large and small format scanners, and saving them to CDs or DVDs. Scanned documents are saved in an Adobe PDF format and can also be converted into searchable text through OCR technology.

With our scanning technology, boxes of documents that once took up space can be reduced to a few discs. We also offer on-site scanning services.

print services large format

Small Format

Bogged down with paperwork and conventional filing methods?
Make your document retrieval fluid, secure, and portable.

Convert pre-existing documents to digital formats and archive everything in a way that maximizes your ability to store and access the information you need efficiently, without compromising your budget in the process.

print services small format

Microfiche & more

We can also convert microfilm and microfiche, AutoCAD files, large-format drawings and blueprints, and various types of electronic formats (PDF's, XML, etc). From there, the options are limitless. Once digitalized we can import files into a software system already in place, or alternatively we can set up a searchable user interface that meets your business needs.

print services microfiche       print services aperture cards 

FTP: Artwork Upload

Click here to access our client ftp area for uploading artwork files. If you are new to our client area, please contact the relevant branch to allow you a one time upload or to set up a client account

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