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Cansel is built around the expertise of its people. We have many industry recognized experts and this blog is designed for our employees to communicate directly with our customers. Please feel free to make a comment on our posts or provide topics of interest.

Export drawings in one click with the new Cansel app

We all know by know that there is an app store from AutodeskVery recently I had the chance to create and post a new app, the SmartInventor Easy Export.

SmartInventor easy export app

Each application goes through a vigorous approval process and testing by the Autodesk team. There is a lot of back and forth of changes to ensure the app is successful and provides a positive experience to the end-user. It is a great moment when your app finally gets approved and you can share it with the community on the app store!

Civil 3D Point Clouds: CSV or Cloud file?

In the past, a surveying team would grab their gear and shoot maybe 1,000 topographic points in a day to be brought into a Civil engineering product such as Civil 3D. Teams still perform these types of surveys, but more and more topo surveys are being performed using more automated systems like ground-based scanners and aerial-based LiDAR systems.

Civil 3D Backwards Compatibility

First, a quick look at AutoCAD compatibility. Historically, every 4th release of AutoCAD comes with a change to the DWG format. What this means is that three releases are compatible with each other, but the fourth needs to be saved to a previous release for it to be compatible. For example, you can't open a 2013 file using 2012 unless it has been "saved down" to 2012.

Civil 3D Tips & Tricks – Layer Overload

I found this little trick a few releases back; it has saved me many pointless hours of frustration. As every Civil 3D user knows, Civil 3D has a multitude of layers and in its defence, it does use them all in a style or label somewhere in the template. However many Civil 3D users do not use every feature, and would love to kick those unneeded layers to the curb.

Civil 3D 2014 New Features

It's that time of year again when Autodesk unveils the new products. This time they are "2014". Today, we will explore some of the new features Civil 3D 2014 has to offer. 

Civil 3D – Import points with Survey Notes and Photo Names

This article will cover two main topics both tied to enhancing the value of your survey import. You may have not used it in the past (Land Desktop or other products); however, many people tell me that they miss the ability to import their survey notes along with their points. The rumor has somehow spread that we cannot get Civil 3D to import our survey notes without some add on program. This is entirely not true.

Civil 3D Right-click Trick

This great little add-in first came to light at Autodesk University 2006 presented and created by David Garrigues. David had customized the CUI to allow the user to interact with Civil 3D Objects via double-clicks and right-click menus. This is a great tool and should be installed on everyone's workstation.

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