BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise - Data Management - Canada

BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise

BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise is a versatile Engineering Content Management solution with a broad range of features, allowing companies in multiple industries to optimize their business processes related to the creation, collaboration and distribution of engineering documents and drawings.

BlueCielo CAD

One of the most powerful of Engineering Content Management solutions, BlueCielo operates with the CAD environment and MS-Office environment. It is ideal for small or large multi-site workgroup projects.

The system provides:

  • Flexible revision management
  • Master data management workflow support for projects and single documents
  • Safe, secure environment for documents using a "vault" concept.
  • Integrate with CAD (AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Inventor, Microstation, and SolidWorks) and all MS Office applications
  • High level of customization and integration with multiple enterprise processes

Through the use of a selection of database back-ends, including Hypertrieve (proprietary), Microsoft SQL and Oracle, Meridian manages all technological data.

Key capabilities

  • Manage engineering data
  • Secure access and controlled content
  • Search, retrieve and view content
  • CAD application integration
  • Rendition support
  • Redlining, markup and compare
  • Workflow and revision management
  • Audit trail and reporting
  • Email integration and notification
  • Highly configurable to meet your business needs

Business Benefits

  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance quality
  • Regulatory compliance

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