AutoCAD 2018 is Here

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AutoCAD 2018 is Here

Spring is in the air. Although if you share a locale with this blog writer, it has been quite a winter and I, for one, am looking forward to some warmer weather. That aside, Autodesk's flagship product, AutoCAD 2018 (codename Omega) is due to be released shortly. Click More to read on...


Below, you’ll see a list of some of the new features you can expect from the new release; pay close attention to the first one.


New DWG Format:  It seems we have been on borrowed time since the 2016 version was released.  History dictated that AutoCAD’s DWG format remains for three versions and then is changed for the fourth.  In fact, we had five backwards compatible versions, 2013-2017.  Sadly, the DWG format for 2018 has changed.  One will be required to save 2018 files down to previous formats if they will be shared with users who are not using 2018.






Quick Access Toolbar (QAT):  Has a new layer control.



SYSVAR Icon:  The System Variable monitor is not new, but a new icon will appear in the status bar if any system variables are changed from standard values.






XREF Path (1):  When attaching an External Reference, the default path is now Relative.  There is a new system variable which controls this, REFPATHTYPE.


XREF Path (2):  Should the path to attached XREF(s) be required to be edited, there are two new right click options available.  Find and Replace logic can now be used to edit paths.  Furthermore, once one XREF’s path has been changed, AutoCAD will prompt to save this as the new path for other missing references.

xref1    xref2


Linetype Gap:  Selection of Object Snaps when there are gaps in the linetype has been enhanced to include complex and DNG-generated linetypes.



SHX and PDF:  AutoCAD 2017’s PDF import tool was very welcome to nearly all AutoCAD users.  It, however, cannot recognize text created with AutoCAD’s SGX fonts.  AutoCAD 2018 now has a tool which, if there is text created with an SHX font, recognizes and converts this “text” imported from a PDF into actual MTEXT entities.



Text to MTEXT:  TXT2MTXT has been enhanced.  A few of the new features are listed.

  • Multiple text objects can now be combined into a single MTEXT entity.
  • MTEXT and TEXT can be combined into a single MTEXT entity.
  • New top-down and left-right combination logic.
  • New options for line spacing.


4K Monitor Support:  Dialog boxes and other commonly-used interface elements are now scaled properly.


Save Performance:  Improved performance during save operation, especially for objects like annotative blocks, MTEXT with columns, and multi-line attributes.  Autosave now performs an Incremental save compared to a full save in previous releases.


3D Navigation:  Performance has seen a significant increase when navigating in 3D. 


Bing Maps:  Updated to support Version 8.0.

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