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Infraworks 2018

Autodesk has released the new major release of Infraworks; now, version 2018.  This latest iteration contains some exciting new features that will please most everyone designing transportation.  Note that it is no longer called Infraworks 360, it's simply Infraworks.  Click More for more information.

Firstly, please register for the Autodesk webcast scheduled for April 19th.

You can download it after logging into your Autodesk Account, or from this link.

Click this link to view all of the new features in Autodesk help.

To summarize:

  • Easily convert a design road to a component road while maintaining the road style.
  • Enjoy updated road tutorials.
  • Manage parametric bridge content.
  • More detailed road quantities including road decorations such as signs.
  • More easily adjust roadside grading.
  • Performance enhancing "simplified trees".
  • 2 new adaptive trees, Spruce and Spruce with Snow.
  • Improved in-canvas annotation.

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