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Moving to Subscription

You've switched or you are about to switch to Autodesk's new term-based subscription licensing form your perpetual licenses and you'd like to know what changes must be made to your users' computer systems.

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The answer depends on which products and which version (year) are currently installed and activated.

Most importantly, relax. The day your maintenance expires, your subscription begins. Your original perpetual software will continue to operate properly. Autodesk understand that it will take time to transition all of your users to the new subscription. The transition still needs to occur without undue delay, but you have time.

See this Autodesk FAQ for some answers to some typical questions.

In all cases, since these Autodesk products are now assigned to named users and no longer perpetual, your company's Autodesk contract administrator must log into Autodesk Account ( and do two or three things:

  1. Create the users who will be using the products. Each user will be sent an invitation and the requirement to set their password unless they already have an Autodesk ID.
  2. Assign the products and benefits to the appropriate user.
  3. For products older than version 2017, that version's serial number will need to be obtained from Autodesk Account.


When the user attempts to launch a product, they sign in with their assigned email address and password. Internet access is required at least once every 30 days, depending on the product, in order to verify access permissions.


Regarding the users' computers, here's how to switch the products from perpetual to subscription licenses:

For network (multi-user) products

  • Obtain a new license file (LIC) from Autodesk Account once the new subscription product(s) is/are available. Reconfigure your license manager to use the new LIC file. No changes are required on the users' computers assuming that the installed software is still available with your new subscription license.

For individual products (no suites) 2017 and 2018. E.g. AutoCAD or Civil 3D

  • Launch the product.
  • Click Manage license.


  • Click Change license type.

license type

  • Click Change. The software will quit. Restart it.
  • Three options will be presented, select Sign In and enter the user's user name and password.

sign in

 For individual products (no suites) 2016 or earlier. E.g. AutoCAD or Civil 3D

  • Launch the product and type About on the command line.
  • Click Product Information.
  • Click to Update the serial number. The software will be required to restart and be reactivated. Unlike the 2017 and 2018 products which require the user to sign in, the 2016 and earlier products will not. The About screen will indicate the term license and the expiry date.

update sn

 For product Suites of any year. E.g. Infrastructure Design Suite Premium

  • Uninstall all of the products installed wihtin the suite and reinstall using this document to perform a clean install.  The Autodesk Uninstall Tool makes this procedure quicker than removing the software one at a time.  The tool can be found in the Windows Start Menu.



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