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The construction software that lets you keep track of your progress and collaborate with your team: get work done in the office and onsite

AproPLAN is a free service created to make construction easier for everyone involved, from the first drawing to the project handover. AproPLAN offers a unified space for communication, allowing all sides to easily share documents, notes, messages and tasks. Its powerful capabilities allow you to receive information via the PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad construction apps.

View this video to learn how to get started with AproPLAN:

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Collaboration, transparency and quality for your construction projects, saving 75% of your time on administrative work

  • One version of the truth
    Make sure that everyone is on the same page and never builds from outdated versions. Version control is easy and differences between versions are identified automatically to keep your team up to date.

  • Collaborate in the field and at the office
    We allow architects, contractors, engineers and subcontractors to work together and keep everyone up to date, even when they are offline.

  • Issue tracking that works
    Effortlessly document issues on your plan with pictures, without the subsequent hours of administrative work. Generate and distribute clear and detailed reports to your team and subcontractors.

  • Secure and neutral
    We protect and encrypt your data to ensure that it always remains secure and accessible. We are a neutral platform, so whether you are initiating a project or were invited, we guarantee that you will always have access to your information.

For more information regarding AproPLAN, contact us or visit www.aproplan.com.