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Radiodetection RD8100 Cable and Pipe Locator
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Radiodetection RD8100 Cable and Pipe Locator

The Radiodetection RD8100 cable and pipe locator is engineered to deliver optimum precision for damage prevention.

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The Radiodetection RD8100 cable and pipe locator is engineered to deliver optimum precision for damage prevention. With optional integrated GPS and usage logging, and backed with a 3-year warranty, the RD8100 keeps users and businesses on the right line. Containing a unique arrangement of 5 custom manufactured, precision ground antennas, it allows you to choose the optimum level of precision for the job in hand.

With utility infrastructures becoming more complex, locate professionals require more powerful, flexible tools. Features such as Current Direction and iLOC combine with the versatile Tx Transmitter range to deliver highly responsive locates even in tough conditions.

Integrated GPS and usage-logging options automatically generate data for customer reports, or in-house quality and safety audits to promote best working practices.

Precision Locate Accessories
The following accessories are also available for purchase to complement your RD8100 locator.

  • Locator accessories: locator clamp, extension rod, CD/CM (current direction and current measurement) clamp, small stethoscope, large stethoscope, high gain stethoscope, current direction (CD) telescopic stethoscope, A-frame, submersible double depth antenna (SDDA), headphones, locator rechargeable battery pack kit, locator rechargeable battery pack, automotive charger for locator rechargeable battery pack, mains charger for locator rechargeable battery pack, eCAL
  • Transmitter accessories: TX-121 isolation transformer, transmitter clamp, current direction (CD) transmitter clamp, live plug connector (LPC), live cable connector (LCC), transmitter connection kit, earth extension lead, earth stake, neodymium magnet, direct connection lead, transmitter rechargeable battery pack (complete kit), transmitter rechargeable battery pack kit, transmitter rechargeable battery pack, mains charger for transmitter rechargeable battery packs, automotive charger for transmitter rechargeable battery pack, automotive power lead, transmitter power supply
  • Transport and safety accessories: soft carry bag, hard case options, warning triangle
  • Accessories for tracing non-conductive utilities: FlexiTrace reel, FlexRod (flexible fiberglass rod), sondes, S6 microsonde, S9 minisonde, S13 super small sonde, S18 small sonde, slim sonde, standard sonde, sewer sonde, super sonde, Bendi sonde (3-section flexible sonde), range of sonde accessories including connectors for connecting onto rods/drain pipes with various size fittings

3-Year Extended Warranty
RD8100 locators and transmitters are covered by a 1-year warranty as standard. Customers can extend their warranty period to a total of 3 years by registering their products within 3 months of purchase. Registration is carried out using the RD Manager PC software which can be downloaded from the Radiodetection website. Visit

You can also register your product(s) by sending an email to including the following details:

  • Serial number of each product to be registered
  • Date of purchase
  • Company name & address, including country
  • Contact name, email address & telephone number
  • Country of residence

From time to time Radiodetection may release new software to improve the performance or add new functionality to its products. By registering, users will benefit from email alerts advising about new software and special offers related to its product range. Users can opt-out at any time from receiving software and technical notifications, or just from receiving marketing material by contacting Radiodetection.

Radiodetection RD8100 Cable and Pipe Locator Brochure (1,99 MB)
Détecteur de câbles et tuyaux Radiodetection RD8100 - Brochure (1,67 MB)


  • Precision by design: a unique arrangement of five custom manufactured, precision ground antennas deliver locate accuracy and repeatability
  • Simultaneous display of depth and current gives more confidence you are following your target line
  • Locate over longer distances: 90 V signal output and automatic impedance matching
  • Custom frequencies: program up to 5 extra frequencies to customize the RD8100 to signals found on your network
  • Survey measurements with Bluetooth® connectivity: store up to 1,000 records and send wirelessly to a mobile device or PC using Bluetooth. Optional integrated GPS adds positional data without requiring an external device
  • GPS and usage-logging: integrated GPS and automatic usage-logging allow managers to review locate history to ensure compliance with best practice
  • iLOC: save time on site by controlling your transmitter from distances of up to 450 m (1,400 ft)
  • Light weight and ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • High contrast screen provides clarity even in bright sunlight
  • High visibility reflective design helps protect operators and equipment
  • Li-Ion battery pack: lithium-Ion rechargeable battery options for both locator and transmitter provide extended runtime with reduced running costs
  • Built for on-site use – IP65 shock resistant, ingress protected casing protects against knocks, drops, water and dust
  • 3-year extended warranty


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