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Cansel has a wide selection of pre-owned field computers, GPS receivers, data collectors, GPS receivers, radios and a vast array of equipment available to purchase. Each month we will feature our top 20 products, have a look through this selected range or contact us directly on 604.205.7694 to find out if we have what you are looking for. 

Product NameProduct DetailsFurther Info Price

R8 Model 3 w/ Radio or GSM
Integrated GNSS system in a rugged compact unit.  Uses Trimble R-track technology, good performance in challenging RTK applications.

R8301-51-64 / R8301-51-71


Contour Laser Range Finder
Provides safe laser range finding technology.



Trimble Juno SB
Compact asset management solution, 3 MP camera, high-sensitivity GPS receiver, long life battery and lightweight. (Note the hyperlink goes through to a new product page and does not include details or pricing for pre-owned product.)




Trimble Juno SC
Compact GIS data collection system, 3MP camera, high-sensitivity GPS receiver.



Spectra EPOCH 50 GNSS Receiver
Has 220 Channels for multi-constellation GNSS support, integrated transmit and receive data link, RTK, Static, and PPK, Survey Pro field software and Survey Office software. Note:  the hyperlink links through to a new product page and does not include details or pricing for a pre-owned product.


Spectra EPOCH 50 GNSS Receiver


Schonstedt TraceMaster Locater
Ideal for locating underground power lines, cables, fiber optic cables, water lines, or gas pipes.




TDL 3G Cellular Modem (No SIM)
A compact, rugged 3.5G cellular modem accessory that provides all-day network accessibility to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® wireless technology.


TDL 3G Cellular Modem (No SIM) FAQ's


Trimble GPS Pathfinder ProXT
Offers a combined GPS receiver, antenna and all-day battery in one compact, rugged, lightweight unit and delivers submeter accuracy.


Trimble  GPS Pathfinder ProXT Product specs


Trimble Nomad 800 GLC
High-performance all-in-one device, 2 to 5 meter postprocessed accuracy, integrated digital camera.


Trimble Nomad 800 GLC Spec Sheet


Xplore Tablet (1st Gen)
Xplore Technologies manufactures the most rugged tablets on earth, view their website for details on legacy products.




Trimble Geo 2008 XH


Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 series video

$ 1,895

Trimble Geo 5T w/ Modem, GLONASS option
Works with Mapping & GIS software, giving you a choice of GIS data collection and maintenance software.


Trimble Geo5T Modem w/ GNSS Module


Trimble Geo 6000 XH and XT/STD
Delivers positioning accuracy in challenging GNSS situations(GEO XT 6000 & XH 6000)

89000-01 / 89000-21

View the Floodlight Shadow Reduction Technology incorporated into the Geo 6000.


Trimble Geo 6000 XH 3G
$1,000 extra for CM option


Geo Handheld Comparison Brochure


Trimble Access Tablet (1st Gen)
Comes with Trimble Access which offers features to streamline the flow of surveying work.



Nikon Nivo 3M Total Station
Supports Bluetooth communications to external data collectors. Note the hyperlink takes you through to a new product page and does not include details or pricing for a pre-owned product.




TSC2 w/ SC w/ and w/o radio
Rugged handheld controller features a full keyboard for total station or GPS operation.

TSC217 & TSC216

TSC2 datasheet

$2,195 /

TSC2 w/ Access w/ and w/o radio
Running the Trimble® Access Software, the TSC2 Controller offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for site positioning applications.

TA-TSC2-2 / TA-TSC2-1

$2,195 / $1,695


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