Used Survey, Mapping, Construction, Wide Format Products

Used Survey, Mapping, Construction & Wide Format Products


Cansel has a wide selection of used field computers, GPS receivers, data collectors, radios and a vast array of equipment available to purchase. Each month we will feature our top 20 used products, have a look through this selected range or contact us to find out if we have what you are looking for. 

Product Name Product Details Further Info Price

TSC2 w/ Access w/ and w/o radio
Running the Trimble® Access Software, the TSC2 Controller offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for site positioning applications.



TDL 3G Cellular Modem (No SIM)
A compact, rugged 3.5G cellular modem accessory that provides all-day network accessibility to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® wireless technology.


TDL 3G Cellular Modem (No SIM) FAQ's


Trimble GPS Pathfinder ProXT / ProXH 
Offers a combined GPS receiver, antenna and all-day battery in one compact, rugged, lightweight unit and delivers submeter accuracy.


Trimble  GPS Pathfinder ProXT Product specs

$1,395 /

Trimble Access Tablet (1st Gen)
Comes with Trimble Access which offers features to streamline the flow of surveying work.



TSC2 w/ SC w/ and w/o radio
Rugged handheld controller features a full keyboard for total station or GPS operation.

TSC216 / TSC217

TSC2 datasheet

$2,195 /


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