Survey and Mapping Equipment Rentals - Canada


Rental equipment: Construction, survey and mapping

Cansel owns a wide selection of equipment which is available to rent on a short term or long term basis. Just drop by a local store, request a rental online or call us to arrange your pick-up.

For a full inventory of our rental equipment please click here.


  • Theodolite
  • Lasers
  • Digital level accessories
  • Builders levels
  • Locators
  • Accessories


  • Can-Net system
  • Survey GPS
  • Robotic total stations
  • Servo total stations


  • Data collectors
  • Mapping GPS
  • Laser rangefinders

Not sure if renting is right for you?Rentals

Sometimes you just don't want to commit to equipment you may have little use for upon project completion. Or perhaps you don't want to worry about servicing/repairs that come with equipment investment. Whatever the case, renting ensures you don't need to worry about anything besides which piece you'd like to borrow from our vast selection.

Let us know your project specifics, and we can help you find the right tool!

Drop by a store or call us to discuss your requirements.