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Autodesk Types of Training


Flexible training programs to optimize your learning experience

Cansel runs variuos types of training to suit your needs: Regular Scheduled Courses, Online Training/Webinars, Global eTraining, Private/Custom Training.

  • Regular Scheduled Courses:  Using Autodesk approved curriculum and material; we teach techniques to a varied group of users that best apply specific software capabilities to specific project type.

  • Private Training:  Company specific private training combines lecture, demonstration and hands-on instruction, as part of the Autodesk-approved curriculum; focusing specifically only on topics that are relevant to your company's users.

  • Online Training/Webinars:  As well as face to face training, our in-house experts hold webinars for seminars, workshops, and key topics requested or queried by customers. These interactive sessions allow customers to get immediate response from our in-house experts.

  • Global eTraining: We are pleased to announce our reseller partnership with Global eTraining (GeT), a computer-based technical training company. Offering Autodesk-approved courses, you can now take online courses at your own pace with a mixture of text, audio, video, interactivity and hands-on exercises to fit your individual learning style. Get Autodesk certification from anywhere in the world!

  • Custom Training:  A blend of Autodesk-approved training materials and materials designed specifically for your company. This option also has the flexibility to incorporate past or present project data.