Construction and SteelWorks Modeling in TRWs - Canada

Construction and SteelWorks Modeling in TRWs



This training covers the following:

  • Extracting planes such as ceiling and floor planes, and generating a key plan (Ortho-images) for CAD users.

  • Creating cross sections of any indoor scan.

  • Modeling and create any object in your indoor scene and connecting any modeled object like walls, floors and ceilings.

  • Modeling complicated shapes like stairways.

  • Modeling different structural steelworks sections like HEA, HEB (for H Section), IPE, INP (for I Section) UNP (for U Section), LEA (for L Section), TEA (for T Section)

 RealWorks Tunnel 02



Duration: 3 days

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Day Subject
Day 1 TRWs overview, Basic Tools and SteelWorks Creator Tool
Day 2 Intersect Tool and Geometry Modifier Tool
Day 3 Extrusions Tool, Inspection Tool and Duplicator Tool

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Outcome: By the end of this course, you will be able to use the Basic Tools in TRWs, model different objects in any construction site, and create a steel section model.