Mechanical Rooms and Pipeline Applications in TRWs - Canada

Mechanical Rooms and Pipeline Applications in TRWs


This training covers modeling pipes and power lines automatically by utilizing the EasyPipe Tool, or semi-automatically by selecting and modeling different pipe parts through a Cloud-based Modeling tool. The EasyPipe Tool requires only a few clicks to execute the following tasks: extract a pipe path from more than one million points and model the extraction with geometric entitie(s) if needed.

RealWorks Pipeline Model



Duration: 3 days

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Day Subject
Day 1 TRWs overview, Basic Tools and Cloud-based Modeling Tool
Day 2 Calculating geometry using constraints, Intersect Tool and Geometry Modifier Tool
Day 3 Geometry Creator Tool, EasyPipe Tool, Duplicator Tool and Inspection Tool

By the end of this course, you will be able to use the basic and advanced tools in TRWs to create a pipe model and modify it.