Topographic Survey & Deformation Monitoring in TRWs

Topographic Survey, Change Detection and Deformation Monitoring Applications in TRWs


Day Subject
1 TRWs overview, Basic Tools and creating meshes, contours and cross sections
2 Volume of a sand pile, surface to model Inspection Tool and Inspection Map Analyzer Tool




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This training course covers the following:

  • Generating contours, cross sections and triangulated meshes from the point clouds and if required, further editing of the results.
  • Determining the volume of a point cloud (or a mesh), the volume between two clouds (or two meshes), or the volume between a point cloud and a mesh.
  • Compare two surfaces between each other (two point clouds or meshes together, a point cloud with mesh, or a point cloud/mesh with a model) and generate an inspection map. Since the metric information is still in the inspection map, you can extract measurements like surfaces, volumes, points, drawings like polylines, sections, shifts, colored meshes, iso-curves, etc.

Outcome: By the end of this course, you will be able to use the Basic Tools in TRWs; create different survey and engineering deliverables like meshes, contours, cross sections, volumes; and use the Inspection Tool to compare point cloud to point cloud, point cloud to surface, surface to surface, point cloud to model, or mesh to model. 


Duration:  2 days   

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