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Trimble Terrasync and Pathfinder Office Training



This course is designed to demonstrate how to get the most out of TerraSync™ and GPS Pathfinder® Office software. The course presents the fundamentals of GNSS, data collection techniques, data differential correction and export. This enables users to apply the fundamentals to collect high quality data quickly and easily, process the data to achieve the expected accuracy, and integrate the data seamlessly with GIS database and/or AutoCad for an efficient and smoother workflow.






TerraSync Software 150

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Students will learn how to:

  • Associate GNSS fundamentals with TerraSync parameters that affect accuracy
  • Configure TerraSync software with data collection parameters
  • Collect Geospatial data using basic and advanced techniques
  • Create a data dictionary in GPS Pathfinder Office
  • Perform differential correction using GPS Pathfinder Office software
  • Export data to different formats such as Esri GIS shape file, Esri geodatabase file, DXF file, and many others.
  • Create a configuration file using the Configuration Manager Utility that can be sent to a field computer to define, and optionally lock, the configuration of the TerraSync software.
  • Create a TerraSync Studio file to configure the TerraSync user interface.


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Duration: 2 days


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GPS Pathfinder Office 150