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NavVis Laser Scanner Trade-In Offer

NavVis Laser Trade-In Offer

Trade in any used SLAM or Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) and get a huge discount on a new NavVis system (hardware and software)

Take your scanning to the next level with NavVis VLX! Experience the industry-leading wearable laser scanning and mapping system.

Here's why NavVis stands out:
  • The most precise wearable scanning device on the market, allowing you to boost field collection productivity and reduce the time spent creating colorized point clouds
  • Driven by the power of SLAM technology
  • Equipped with groundbreaking software
  • Two hardware options to meet all needs

Use your trade-in value of up to $15,000 to upgrade to any of the NavVis VLX systems

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Offer ends July 31, 2024.