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Duksbak WL7 Coil Bound Book

Model #260-0110 | SKU #505712

135 available

The Duksbak WL7 Coil Bound Book is a dedicated and rugged tool designed for level measurement and recording tasks. Crafted with precision, this coil bound book offers exceptional functionality and durability, making it an indispensable companion for fieldwork and outdoor activities.

Key Features:

  • Number of Pages: Each Duksbak WL7 Coil Bound Book comprises 100 pages, providing ample space for meticulous level measurement data and comprehensive note-taking.

  • Quantity: These coil bound books are conveniently packaged, ensuring you have multiple books at your disposal for continuous and uninterrupted recording.

  • Measurement Graduations: The book is thoughtfully designed with level measurement graduations, facilitating precise and accurate data recording, enhancing the quality of your work.

  • Material Type: Crafted from robust .055 Poly material, this coil bound book offers long-lasting protection and resilience against wear and tear, ensuring it can withstand the demands of various environments.

  • Colour: The vibrant orange cover of the book ensures high visibility and easy identification in your workspace or toolkit.

  • Brand: Duksbak is a trusted and reputable brand renowned for manufacturing high-quality waterproof products, guaranteeing reliability and performance.

  • Product Type: Falling under the book category, this coil bound book provides a secure, organized, and convenient solution for level measurement recording tasks.

Waterproof Sheets and Coil Binding:

  • Waterproof Sheets: Each Duksbak WL7 Coil Bound Book comprises 50 Duksbak waterproof sheets, offering uncompromising protection against moisture and water damage. Your valuable data remains safe and readable even in wet conditions.

  • White Plastic Coil Binding: The book is securely bound with a white plastic coil. This binding method not only enhances durability but also offers the flexibility and ease of page flipping necessary for efficient data recording in the field.

The Duksbak WL7 Coil Bound Book is the ultimate choice for professionals who demand a waterproof, durable, and reliable solution for level measurement recording. With its generous page count, waterproof sheets, sturdy coil binding, and distinctive orange cover, this coil bound book ensures top-notch performance and efficient data capture. Trust Duksbak to deliver high-quality, dependable tools for all your level measurement needs.

Number of Pages 100
Measurement Graduations Level
Material Type Duranble .055 Poly
Diameter 7″ x 4 1/2″
Colour Orange
Quantity Each
Brand Duksbak
Product Type Field Books