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Nylon Bear Holster Fits 225g and 325g

Model #340-5010 | SKU #508177

9 available

The Nylon Bear Holster designed to fit 225g and 325g bear deterrent canisters is a reliable and secure solution for carrying bear spray while venturing into bear country. Crafted from rugged nylon material, this holster offers durability and ease of use, ensuring quick access to your bear deterrent in case of a bear encounter. Whether you're hiking, camping, or exploring the wilderness, this holster provides a convenient and protective carrying option for your bear spray.

Key Features:

  1. Bear Spray Compatibility:

    • Specifically designed to accommodate bear deterrent canisters with 225g and 325g capacities.
  2. Rugged Nylon Construction:

    • The holster is constructed from high-quality nylon material, providing durability and resistance to wear and tear.
  3. Secure Belt Holster:

    • Equipped with a belt holster, this accessory allows you to easily and securely attach it to your belt or backpack strap for quick access.


  • Outdoor Activities: Ideal for hikers, campers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts who frequent bear habitats and require quick and safe access to bear deterrent spray.

  • Wildlife Safety: A crucial tool for those exploring areas inhabited by bears, offering a reliable way to deter potential bear encounters and protect yourself.

  • Bear Country Exploration: Suitable for anyone venturing into regions where bear encounters are possible, ensuring you have your bear deterrent readily available.

The Nylon Bear Holster designed for 225g and 325g bear deterrent canisters is a practical and essential accessory for anyone exploring bear country. Its rugged nylon construction and secure belt holster design provide a convenient and protective solution for carrying bear spray, enhancing your safety and peace of mind in the wilderness. Trust this holster to keep your bear deterrent easily accessible when you need it most.

Product Type Holster
Quantity Each
Material Type Nylon
Diameter 225g and 325g
Colour Black
Brand Defense Aerosols Inc