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AGL EZ Dig Pro 4 Sensor Wireless System

Model #1-14261 | SKU #508448

1 available

Technical Description

With this AGL EZ Dig Pro 4 excavator level control system, your machine stays productive! The EZ Dig Pro is a real-time depth control system for excavators and backhoes. This one-person system does not use stakes or rods. You see the information in the booth when you work. The EZ Dig Pro provides precise slope control to dig a fixed depth or slope without the expense of another person in the excavation to check the depth. The calibrated system ensures consistent and accurate level readings, saving time and money by reducing excess cuts. If you check the quality with a laser or optical instrument and a quality rod, the use of this system will ensure the productivity of the machine and the operator. If you are using a laser receiver mounted on a machine, you do not have to stop digging to place the bucket and the balance in the same vertical position each time you want to get an accurate reading. You know exactly where the bucket is.


Angular Accuracy ± 1 cm (3/8'')
Quantity Each
Operating Temperature -20° C to +70° C
IP Rating Sensor: IP68. Control box and display: IP64
Brand AGL
Weight Sensor: 1.3 lb. Control Box: 1.3 lb. Remote display: 0.5 lb