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Used - Radiodetection RD1000 Portable GPR System

Model #10/RD1K | SKU #569076

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Technical Description

The RD1000™ is a ground penetrating radar system that allows the user to see almost any underground feature. Unlike a traditional locator, the RD1000™ uses radar technology (specifically in the UHF/VHF frequencies) and produces a visual map with characteristic cone-shaped images. The main advantage of this technology is that the RD1000™ can see nonconductive materials including plastic pipes.


Quantity Each
Battery Life 6-8 hours depending on temperature
IP Rating IP66 rated - water resistant
Screen Dimensions 7.25 po
Antenna Type Has a center frequency of 250 MHz with bandwidth from 125 to 375 MHz
Brand Radiodetection
Dimensions 97 cm x 110 cm x 70 cm (fully assembly)
Weight 50.7 lb