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Receiver Futtura MRC2 Plus

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MCR receivers from Futtura are designed to adapt to any earth moving machine. All receivers feature The MCR receivers work with rotating lasers. The laser provides a reference plane of laser light over the jobsite. The MCR is mounted above the machine's cutting edge on grading equipment or on the dipper arm of excavation equipment. The receiver is initially set on-grade to a known desired elevation or benchmark. As the machine is used and the blade or bucket is moved, the operator is given a visual indication of which direction to move the blade or bucket to get to on-grade, effectively checking grade from the cab.

Quantity Each
Operating Temperature -20° C to 60° C
Battery Life Alkaline battery : up to 70 hrs. NiMH: up to 55 hrs
Brand Futtura
Dimensions 33.75 x 14 14.75 cm
Weight 12 lb