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Radiodetection, A-Frame (Includes A-Frame Lead).Old Pn 10/Aframe-4K7K8K

Model #10/RX-AFRAME | SKU #538168

7 available

The Radiodetection Sheath Fault Locator is a powerful tool designed for the precise locating of sheath faults on cables and coating defects on pipelines. Equipped with advanced technology, this locator provides accurate fault information in terms of both direction and magnitude. With a clear and intuitive display, users can easily visualize the fault data for efficient troubleshooting and repair.

Key Features:

  • Accurate Fault Location: The Sheath Fault Locator precisely identifies sheath faults on cables and coating defects on pipelines, enabling targeted repairs and minimizing downtime.
  • Direction and Magnitude Display: The locator conveniently displays both the direction and magnitude of the fault information, allowing users to quickly assess the severity and plan appropriate actions.
  • Compatibility: The A-Frame component of the Sheath Fault Locator is compatible with various Radiodetection locators, including RD8100, RD7KTL, RD7KPL, and RD8KPDL(B). This versatility ensures that users can leverage their existing equipment for sheath fault detection.
  • Transmitter Requirements: To provide a Fault Find signal, a Tx-3(B) or Tx-10(B) transmitter is required. These transmitters work seamlessly with the Sheath Fault Locator, delivering reliable and consistent fault data.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatible Locators: RD8100, RD7KTL, RD7KPL, RD8KPDL(B)
  • Required Transmitter: Tx-3(B) or Tx-10(B)
  • Fault Detection: Sheath faults on cables and coating defects on pipelines
  • Display: Clear and intuitive display for fault information
  • Accuracy: Precise fault location with direction and magnitude indication


Brand Radiodetection
Product Type A-Frame