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Radiodetection 7200 Package Includes Receiver, 10W Transmitter AndAccessories With Alkaline Batteries

Model #901211 | SKU #901211

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Introducing the ultimate packaged kit for cable and pipe locating, featuring high-performance Radiodetection products. The kit includes the advanced RD7200 Cable and Pipe Locator, renowned for its exceptional accuracy and efficiency in underground utility detection. Paired with the powerful TX-10 10 Watt Transmitter, this kit offers enhanced tracing capabilities, delivering a strong signal for precise locating. The Transmitter Clamp 4" (100mm) ensures secure and stable connections, optimizing signal transmission for reliable results. Additionally, the Radiodetection Bag for RD7K/8K+ M-LOG Models is included, providing a convenient and durable storage solution for the kit. This comprehensive package equips professionals with the essential tools for accurate cable and pipe locating, offering convenience, reliability, and efficiency on every job

Radiodetection RD7200 Cable and Pipe Locator

The Radiodetection RD7200 Locator and Transmitter is a high-performance industrial-grade display designed for accurate locating across multiple industries. It comes equipped with various features and specifications that make it a reliable tool for technicians working in challenging situations. Read Full Description →

Radiodetection Tx-10 Standard Direct Connection Lead Transmitter
The Radiodetection Tx-10 Transmitter is a state-of-the-art device designed to support the range of Radiodetection RD7000, RD7100, RD8000 and RD8100 cable, pipe and RF marker locators. It offers the highest current and induction capability among Radiodetection transmitters. The Tx-10 is based on a fully digital platform, offering constant current across its entire bandwidth in direct connect, clamp or inductive mode. It is a light-weight, well-balanced device that is IP54 rated to cope with demanding environmental conditions. Read Full Description →

Radiodetection Transmitter Clamp 4" (100mm)
The Radiodetection Transmitter Clamp 4" (100mm) (10/TX-CLAMP-100) is a highly efficient and reliable tool designed to apply a transmitter signal to a specific cable or pipe. This clamp can be utilized in conjunction with the Radiodetection Signal Clamp Extension Rod, enhancing its versatility and usability. Read Full Description →

Radiodetection Bag For RD7K/8K+ M-LOG Models
The Radiodetection Locator and Tx Transmitter Soft Carry Bag is a versatile and durable bag designed specifically for carrying Radiodetection locators, transmitters, and their accessories. This soft bag provides a convenient and secure solution for transporting your equipment to and from job sites. Read Full Description →



Battery Life Li-Ion pack: 35 hours. 2 × Alkaline D-Cells 13 hours
Material Type Injection Molded ABS Plastic
Warranty 2 years
Frequencies 8
Sonde Frequencies 4
Passive Modes 3
Power Filters Yes
Bluetooth No
Brand Radiodetection
Product Type Locator Kit