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Radiodetection TX5 Transmitter Package Includes Clamp, Battery WithCharger and Bag

Model #901107 | SKU #901107

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Introducing the comprehensive Radiodetection packaged kit, designed to enhance your utility locating and tracing capabilities. The kit includes the Radiodetection Tx-5 Standard Direct Connection Lead Transmitter, a versatile tool for transmitting signals onto underground utilities. It is accompanied by the Radiodetection Transmitter Clamp 4" (100mm), enabling easy attachment to larger utility lines for efficient signal transmission. The kit also features the Radiodetection Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack, offering long-lasting power for extended field operations. With the mains and automotive charger included, you can conveniently recharge the battery pack both in the office and on the go. Finally, the Radiodetection Bag provides a durable and organized solution for carrying and protecting the RD7K/8K+ M-LOG Models, ensuring portability and convenience.

Radiodetection TX-5 5 Watt Transmitter

Radiodetection has developed a fully digital platform to support its range of cable, pipe, and RF marker locators. The Tx-5 Transmitter is part of this family and has been specifically designed to provide higher current and induction capability. Read Full Description →

Radiodetection Transmitter Clamp 4" (100mm)

The Radiodetection Transmitter Clamp 4" (100mm) (10/TX-CLAMP-100) is a highly efficient and reliable tool designed to apply a transmitter signal to a specific cable or pipe. This clamp can be utilized in conjunction with the Radiodetection Signal Clamp Extension Rod, enhancing its versatility and usability. Read Full Description →

Radiodetection TX Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack With Mains AndAutomotive Charger (Includes Power Lead)

The Radiodetection Battery Kit provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for powering your devices, serving as an excellent alternative to alkaline batteries. This comprehensive kit includes a battery pack, a universal mains charger, and an automotive charger, offering versatile charging options. It is available in EU, UK, and US configurations, ensuring compatibility with various electrical systems. Additionally, the kit comes with a power lead for easy connection. Read Full Description →

Radiodetection Locator and Tx Transmitter Soft Carry Bag

The Radiodetection Locator and Tx Transmitter Soft Carry Bag is a versatile and durable bag designed specifically for carrying Radiodetection locators, transmitters, and their accessories. This soft bag provides a convenient and secure solution for transporting your equipment to and from job sites. Read Full Description →

Brand Radiodetection
Product Type Transmitter