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Radiodetection RD8200 Cable and Pipe Locator

Model #10/RD8200 | SKU #586145
**Batteries are not included**

38 available

The RD8200 Cable and Pipe Locators from Radiodetection offer speed, accuracy, and reliable performance, making them an essential tool for technicians working in congested networks, near substations or high voltage lines. Here are the key features and benefits of the RD8200:

Easy to Deploy and Use

The RD8200 provides fast, precise, and repeatable measurements, and is easy to deploy and use. This makes it an ideal tool for field technicians who need to work quickly and efficiently.

Industrial Grade Display for Outdoor Usage

The RD8200 locators and transmitters use transflective low power LCD technology that uses ambient light to improve screen readability in direct sunlight and extend battery life. This makes it easy to use the RD8200 even in challenging outdoor environments.

TruDepth™ and Current Readout for Extra Assurance

The RD8200 comes with Radiodetection’s TruDepth technology, which displays precise depth and current measurements only when the locator is correctly oriented above the target. This ensures measurement consistency and gives high confidence that the correct line is being followed.

High Performance Audio and Vibration Alerts for Noisy Environments

The RD8200 features a waterproof speaker housing that has been tuned to provide optimum resonance for your choice of high or low frequency tones. With five power output audio levels and vibration alerts, the RD8200 can assist technicians working in challenging situations.

Current Direction to Track the Right Line

The RD8200 comes with a specialized CD signal from a Tx-10 transmitter that can help you identify your target among a number of parallel utilities. CD arrows displayed on the locator confirm you are tracing your target line.

Power Filters™ to Work Where Other Locators Won't

When a transmitter can’t be connected, tracing individual power lines through dense networks can be a real challenge. The RD8200 features Power Filters™ that enable you to use the harmonic properties of power signals to establish if a signal comes from one source or from multiple cables, which you can then trace and mark.

Dynamic Overload Protection to Reject Unwanted Interference

The RD8200 automatically filters out interference, enabling use in electrically noisy environments such as near substations or overhead power lines.

Adapting in Challenging Environments

The RD8200 locators offer many features designed to drive correct usage, reduce utility damage, improve safety, and enhance your reputation. These features include:

  • Swing Warning System to Drive Correct Usage
  • Usage-Logging with GPS Positioning to Understand How Your Technicians Operate
  • Vibration Feedback to Reduce the Chance of Missed Warnings
  • Self-Test to Confirm the Integrity of the Measurement System On-Site
  • Light Weight and Ergonomic Design for Extended Periods of Use
  • Advanced Features and Operations Ready for a Connected World
  • The RD8200 system is a feature-rich locating solution, designed to extend and future-proof your field capabilities. Here are some of its advanced features:
  • RDMap™+ for Easy and Cm Accurate Utility Mapping

The RD8200 comes with RDMap™+, which enables you to add positional data to your survey measurements with the integrated GNSS option, and create detailed maps of buried utilities in real-time. You can combine it with a high accuracy external positioning device, such as the Trimble Catalyst RTK solution, to create high accuracy utility maps.

Quantity Each
Battery Life Li-Ion pack: 35 hours 2 × Alkaline D-Cells 13 hours
Material Type Injection Molded ABS Plastic
IP Rating Rugged, IP65 rated casing that is suitable for use in all weather conditions
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
Warranty 2 years
Diameter Metric: 648mm × 286mm × 125mm, Imperial: 25.5" × 11.3" × 4.9"
Battery Type Alkaline 2 × D-Cell (MN1300 / LR20) alkaline batteries (standard) or Rechargeable Custom Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack 2 × D-Cell (MN1300 / LR20) Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries
Frequencies 8
Sonde Frequencies 4
Passive Modes 3
Power Filters Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Brand Radiodetection
Product Type Locator