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Radiodetection, RD8100 PXL Cable and Pipe Locators

Model #10/81PXL | SKU #541711

1 available

Technical Description

The RD8100PXL underground service locator offers an entry into the latest Radiodetection RD8100 series, for users requiring the features usually found in top of the range precision cable and pipe locators. With 13 active locate frequencies, and 4 different sonde frequencies for tracing in underground ducts and conduits, the RD8100PXL locator also has a further 2 passive modes (power and radio) for tracing buried utilities without the use of a signal transmitter, such as locating a live underground cable. Like all of the locators in the RD8100 range, the RD8100PXL has power filters as standard. These power filters work in power mode when locating a live power cable, by filtering out harmonics to increase the precision of the locator, and potentially locate single power cables in dense infrastructure. Using the supplied RD Manager software, the RD8100PXL can be re-calibrated with just a PC and internet connection by the end user, which alleviates any downtime and saves significant expense and time. This process takes a matter of minutes and gives the option of saving and/or printing a new calibration certificate on the spot.