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Trimble Positions ArcPad Extension Perpetual Single
Model #87361-01 | SKU #510536



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The Trimble® Positions™ ArcPad extension lets you take full control of your Trimble GNSS receiver and adds the power of differential correction to ensure you have the most reliable and accurate data for your GIS. Because the Trimble Positions ArcPad extension lets you record detailed GNSS information, you can improve the accuracy of your GNSS positions from 10 meters to submeter or even decimeter (10 cm), depending on the environment and your GNSS receiver. For differential correction of your AXF files or Quickproject Shapefiles you have a choice of postprocessing software. Use the Trimble Positions™ Desktop add-in for ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1 software for a stream-lined workflow between the field and the office. Or use the classic GPS Pathfinder® Office software for a flexible data processing solution. The Trimble Positions ArcPad extension integrates seamless control of a GeoExplorer® series handheld or a Pro-series receiver into ArcPad, so you can take full advantage of the power and precision of your Trimble GNSS receiver.