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Trimble Terrasync Professional Software
Model #45955-VG | SKU #510526


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Field software for quality GIS data TerraSync Professional Edition Software The TerraSync™ software is a flexible data collection and data maintenance tool. Simple and effective, TerraSync software makes field work more productive. Team up TerraSync software with a field computer of your choice and a supported Trimble® GPS receiver, and you have everything you need to collect high-quality data for informed decision making. Data collection is quick and easy, whether you're collecting identical assets, or a range of assets with many different attributes. To maintain data integrity, you can design the data structure to meet the requirements of your enterprise geographic information system (GIS). TerraSync software's flexible design and quality control functions enable you to tailor settings and data collection methods to suit your requirements. Smart time-saving features, such as the QuickPoint data collection method, make verifying and updating data easy too. The TerraSync software Professional edition software is ideal for data collection tasks with decimeter-accuracy. With a simple, intuitive interface and user-defined pick-lists, you can collect any point, line, or area asset and its attribute information with speed and efficiency. It is ideal for data maintenance tasks. It's simple to upload existing GIS data for relocation, verification, and attribute and position update. You can filter and sort your data to pinpoint the feature you need to revisit, and a graphical navigation screen guides you right back to it. For more information about the difference between the TerraSync Standard, Professional, and Centimeter editions, check out the Mapping & GIS Product Comparison. With Trimble's TerraSync software, you have the data you need to make informed, timely, and accurate decisions.