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Leica Sprinter Electronic Level Package 150m Includes Bar Code Rod andRechargeable Battery Kit

Model #6002135 | SKU #508831

9 available

Technical Description

The Leica Sprinter 150M 24x digital level is the best tool for most construction applications, including height control, layout, slope verification, distance measurement and more. This electronic level is equipped with survey programs, a reverse test pattern, a backlit LCD keyboard and a built-in multilingual function to improve the efficiency of teamwork. 

  • Altimetric accuracy: standard deviation of an altimetric measurement per km of double leveling (ISO 17123-2)
  • Electronic measurement *: 1.5 mm
  • Optical measurement (with aluminum E standard standard / digital test pattern): 2.5 mm
  • Simple target reading: standard deviation: 0.6 mm (electronic) and 1.2 mm (optical) at 30 m
  • Distance accuracy: standard deviation of a distance measurement 10 mm for D <or = 10 m and (distance in m x 0.001) for D> 10 m
  • Range: 2 to 100 m (electronic)
  • Measuring modes: simple and continuous
  • Time for a single measurement: <3 seconds
  • Magnetically damped compensator: range of ± 10 min
  • Magnification of the telescope (optical): 24x
  • Environment: IP55
  • Power supply: AA batteries (4 x LR6 / AA / AM3 1.5 V)
  • Weight: <2.5 kg 

* With standard Sprinter barcode target, made of aluminum; 0.7 mm can be reached with the Sprinter carbon fiber barcode target (3 m, 1 segment)


Compensator ┬▒ 10min
Range 2 -100m (Electronic)
Quantity Each
IP Rating IP55
Warranty 1 Year
Battery Type 4 x AA Dry Cells
Brand Leica
Display LCD