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TruPulse LTI 360 Rangefinder


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Technical Description

The TruPulse 360B Professional Laser Rangefinder features True Vector Compass technology, adding an electronic compass to the range finder and inclinometer. This allows it to work in 3D which makes the TruPulse 360B a complete tool that can be used in multiple fields such as point offset in cartography, volume calculation for mining, industrial and forestry, etc.


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Operating Temperature -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F)
Battery Life 8 hrs. of continuous use
IP Rating IP54
Bluetooth Enabled Yes
Measurement Range Max Range to Reflective Targets: 2000 m (6,560 ft). Max Range to Non-Reflective Targets: 1000 m (3,280 ft)
Magnification 7× / LCD
Field Of View 100 m @ 915 m away (330 ft @ 3,000 ft)
Brand LTI
Calculates SD, HD, VD and INC between two remote points Yes, plus AZ
Distance Accuracy to Typical Targets ± 0.2 m (8 in)
Distance Accuracy to Very Distant / Weak Targets ± 1 m (3 ft)
Inclination Accuracy +/- 0.25° Typical
Max Range to Reflective Targets 2000 m (6,560 ft)
Max Range to Non-Reflective Targets 1000 m (3,280 ft)
RS232 Serial Com Port Yes
Dimensions 13 x 5 x 11 cm (5.2 x 2.1 x 4.5 in)
Weight 285 g
Measures Azimuth with TruVector 360° Compass Technology Yes
Azimuth Accuracy +/- <0.5° RMS; typical