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Used Spectra Precision Geoinstruments, Nivo 3.M Plus Total Station

Model #HNA30360 | SKU #519815

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Technical Description

The Nivo M+ instruments are compact, lightweight and ultra-rugged for use on any work site in all dust, dirt and weather conditions. The fast, long range EDM measures in both prism and reflectorless modes with both being available at the same time and initiated with a single key press. The Nikon Nivo M+ Series Total Stations feature legendary Nikon optics which effectively let in more light for brighter, sharper images in even the lowest of light conditions. The easy to learn and use Nikon onboard software offers simple data and file management, Quick Codes for easy one-button data collection of point features and a complete set of powerful CoGo functions. All Nivo M+ models support Bluetooth communications to external devices such as data collectors and have a USB port for portable data transfer via USB stick. In addition, all models come standard with coaxial laser pointers and a traditional optical plummet - which can be upgraded to a laser plummet.


Angular Accuracy ±(3+2 ppm × D) mm
EDM Range 984 FT
Compensator ±3 .5'
EDM Accuracy 50 mm (2 .0 in)
Can Operate With Data Collector Yes
Operating Temperature –20 °C to +50 °C
Battery Life Approx . 10 hours (continuous distance/angle measurement). Approx . 26 hours (distance/angle measurement every 30 seconds). Approx . 31 hours (continuous angle measurement)
Warranty 1 Year
IP Rating IP66
Bluetooth Enabled Integrated Bluetooth
Reflectorless .±(3+2 ppm × D) mm
Measurement Range With single prism 6 .25 cm (2 .5 in): 1 .5 m to 5,000 m. With reflector sheet 5 × 5 cm (2 in x 2 in): 1 .5 m to 300 m.
Plummet Type Erect.
Display Single side, backlit, graphic LCD (128x64 pixel)
Screen Dimensions 128x64 pixel
Serial Port 1 x serial (RS-232C)
GPS Tilt Sensor Yes. Dual-axis liquid-electric detection
Field Of View
Brand Spectra
Max Range to Non-Reflective Targets 984FT