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Trimble S5 3" Total Station - Autolock, DR Plus


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Model #S5352110 | SKU #530930

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Technical Description

Why settle for an optical mechanical total station? This Trimble S5 “Autolock” instrument is equipped with Trimble mag-drive technology that will lock on to the prism, follow you, and turn to the point in stakeout without manually turning the instrument! The best thing is it is upgradeable to a fully robotic total station so it will grow with you as your company grows. This instrument is also equipped with DR (reflectorless) technology for remote measurements up to 600 metres away (gray card) or 1,300 metres (white card).


Angular Accuracy 3 seconds
EDM Range Laser class 1
Compensator Centered dual-axis. Type: 0.5" (0.15 mgon). Range: ± 5.4' (±100 mgon).
EDM Accuracy 1.0 mm + 2 ppm Prism / 2.0 mm + 2 ppm DR
Operating Temperature –20° C to +50° C (–4° F to +122° F)
Battery Life One internal battery: Approx. 6.5 hours. Three internal batteries in multi-battery adapter: Approx. 20 hours. Robotic holder with one internal battery: 13.5 hours.
IP Rating IP65
Bluetooth Enabled Yes
Measurement Range Prism mode: 1 prism = 2500 m (8202 ft). 1 prism Long Range mode = 5500 m (18,044 ft) (max. range). Shortest range = 0.2 m (0.65 ft). DR mode: White Card = 1,300 m to 1,200 m. Gray card = 600 m to 550 m. DR Extended Range Mode with White Card = 2200 m.
Frequencies 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping, spread-sprectrum radios
Plummet Type Built-in optical plummet
Serial Port USB and serial.
Charging Time Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 11.1 V, 5.0 Ah
Magnification 30x
Field Of View Field of view at 100 m (328 ft) = 2.6 m at 100 m (8.5 ft at 328 ft)
Brand Trimble