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SECO Pole Clamp

Model #5200-150 | SKU #507968

102 available

Technical Description

The Claw? Series is designed to prevent the user from over tightening the pole clamp screw and accidentally crushing or cracking the pole??????? The clamping function is limited so over-tightening cannot occur??????? Made of durable anodized aluminum for years of trouble-free use in the field??????? These clamps are compatible with our existing Quick-Release cradles for most popular data controllers or you can pair it with the Claw Quick-Release Cradle for your collector/controller??????? Quick-Release cradles plug directly into Quick-Release Pole Clamps??????? Designed to fit a pole diameter of 1.25 in (32 mm), however a 1 inch (25.4 mm) pole can be used??????? The Delrin Adapter can be purchased seperately to increase the OD of a 1-inch pole to 1.25-inches (#D11145)


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