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Trimble M1 Total Station 5 seconds

Model #HQA46530 | SKU #522376

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Technical Description

The all-new Trimble M1 DR Total Station is a versatile, easy to use, conventional surveying instrument that provides Trimble dependability at an affordable price. The Trimble M1 DR Total Station is a compact, lightweight, and rugged total station tough enough for everyday use.


Angular Accuracy 1.5 m to 270 m
EDM Accuracy Ѩ3+2 ppm x D) mm
Dual Face Keypad No
Operating Temperature ֱ0 у to +40 у
Warranty 1 Year
Bluetooth Enabled yes
GPS Accuracy 5"
Reflectorless yes
Measurement Range 1.5 m to 3,000 m
Plummet Type Standard
Built-in Software Trimble Access
Operating System Trimble Access
Backlit Display yes
SD Slot Yes
GPS Tilt Sensor yes