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Trimble Total Station S9 0.5" Robotic Dr HP Trimble Vision Finelock

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Technical Description

Whether your project involves monitoring, tunneling, or another highly specialized application, the Trimble S9 total station is the solution. It combines all of our top field technologies with our highest level of accuracy and our most advanced engineering features. The result is a high performance system built for the most demanding jobs. Available 0.5” or 1” angle accuracy. Trimble DR Plus or DR HP EDM for optimal speed, accuracy and reliability Optional Trimble VISION and SureScan technology Complete field-to-office solution for quick data capture and processing Trimble 4D Control software for monitoring management


Angular Accuracy DR PLUS mode - Sensor type: Absolute encoder with diametrical reading. Accurancy (standard deviation based on DIN 18723): 0.5''(0.15mgon) or 1''(0.3mgon). Display (least count): 0.1''(0.01mgon)
Compensator Automatic level compensator - Type: Centered Dual-Axis. Accuracy: 0.5''(0.15mgon). Range: ± 5.4'(± 100mgon)
Can Operate With Data Collector Yes
Scan Speed Up to 15 points/sec
Scanning DR PLUS mode - Range: from 1m up to 250m (3.28ft-820ft). Minimum point spacing: 10mm (0.032ft). Standard deviation: 1.5mm@≤50m (0.0049ft@≤164ft). Single 3D point accurancy: 10mm @≤150m (0.032ft@≤492ft)
Quantity Each
Operating Temperature -20 °C to +50 °C (-4 °F to +122 °F)
Battery Life One internal battery: Approx. 6.5 hours. Three internal batteries in multi-battery adapter: approx. 18 hours. Robotic holder with one battery: 1.5 hours. Operating time for video robotic - One battery: 5.5 hours. Three batteries in multi-battery adapter: 17 hours.
Bluetooth Enabled Yes
Wi-Fi No
Serial Port USB, Serial, Bluetooth
Brand Trimble
RS232 Serial Com Port 422 Serial
Dimensions 15.8cm x 19cm x 38.5cm
Weight 22lb