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Rowefold 710 Offline Folder 2-Step
Model #RM07100250230 | SKU #517240


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• Automatic folding – as economically as never before!
• Switch it on, select your folding program, and feed your copy. There really is no easier way!
• Manual folding of large formats, such as DIN A0, for instance, requires twice as much effort in time as copying itself.
• ROWEFOLD 710 provides the possibility of automating folding at a price and performance that has never existed before.

• With ROWEFOLD 710, entering into the field of automatic folding will be very easy. Virtually anyone can operate ROWEFOLD 710. Just pre-select the requested folding program and feed your copy to the large feed table and guide it along the feed rail. Everything else will be done fully automatically. Then, feed the length-folded plan to the machine once more and it will be length and cross folded completely.
• Length and cross folding in two working steps
• Ease of operation and handling
• Whisper-silent operation
• ROWEFOLD 710 does not require much space
• The integrated stand guarantees optimal, working height
• Operation and maintenance costs are very low

Brand Rowe
Paper Handling Feed Table and Rear Basket
Printing Width 37.79"
Printing Speed Folding speed: appr. 12 m / min
Warranty 2 Years onsite