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Radiodetection, Genny4 Contractor Kit-2 (Genny4, 4" Clamp, Carry Bag) (C.A.T. Not Included)

Model #10/G4-KIT-2 | SKU #552940

6 available

The Radiodetection Genny4 Contractor Kit-2 is a comprehensive package designed for efficient cable locating and general purpose signal generation. With its advanced features and included accessories, this kit offers convenience and accuracy for professionals in the field. The kit includes the Genny4 signal generator, a 4" clamp, test leads, and a practical carrying bag.


The Radiodetection Genny4 Contractor Kit-2 offers the following features:

  1. Dual-frequency signal output: The Genny4 signal generator is equipped with a dual-frequency output, enabling both general-purpose location at 33KHz and small-diameter location using the second frequency output. This versatility allows for accurate detection of a wide range of cables and pipes.
  2. Signal booster: The Genny4 features a built-in signal booster, enhancing the detection capabilities at longer distances. This feature ensures reliable and efficient cable locating, even in challenging environments.
  3. 4" clamp: The kit includes a 4" clamp, which provides a convenient way to attach the signal generator to pipes and cables for signal transmission. The clamp securely holds the generator in place, allowing for easy and stable operation.
  4. Carrying bag: To facilitate transportation and storage, the kit comes with a durable carrying bag. The bag is designed to hold all the components of the kit securely, keeping them organized and protected while on the move.


The Radiodetection Genny4 Contractor Kit-2 specifications include:

  • Signal frequencies: 33KHz (general purpose) and second frequency output (small diameter location)
  • Signal booster: Built-in for extended range
  • Clamp size: 4"
  • Included accessories: Test leads, 4" clamp, carrying bag

With the Radiodetection Genny4 Contractor Kit-2, professionals can efficiently locate cables and pipes, thanks to its dual-frequency signal output and signal booster. The included 4" clamp provides secure attachment, while the carrying bag ensures easy transport and storage. This kit is an essential tool for contractors and technicians who require accurate and reliable cable locating in various applications. Please note that the C.A.T. (Cable Avoidance Tool) is not included in this kit.


Range Signal booster: Built-in for extended range
Attachment Type 4" clamp
Warranty 1 Year
Frequencies Dual-frequency signal output
Sonde Frequencies 33KHz (general purpose) and second frequency output (small diameter location)
Brand Radiodetection
Product Type Signal Generator