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Cansel’s portfolio of products and software for the Construction industry is designed to allow you to measure more accurately, measure faster and move the data back to the office with simplicity. By being at the forefront of technology we select the very best measuring tools, accessories, field consumables and safety supplies to allow you to get the job done right the first time.


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Field & Safety Supplies

With stores spanned nationwide and easy access to self-serving e-commerce ordering, Cansel provides field consumables, safety supplies, and instrument accessories. Our large inventory of field supplies in Canada enables us to provide fast delivery to customers so they can get the job finished.
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Instruments & Accessories

At Cansel we pride ourselves on our development of a wide portfolio of basic and advanced measurement devices, ensuring our coverage of products is uniquely suited to the professional in the field. With educated and experienced sales and support personnel on hand we are also able to provide rentals, repairs, training and technical support for our customers.

Construction Solutions

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Work with confidence with our wide range of interior and exterior General Construction Lasers and Receivers; whether checking grades, concrete forms or verifying elevations.
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2D Machines Control

Use 2D Machine Control on your project site to help reduce labour costs, enhance the accuracy of your work and save you time. Always be in control.
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Choose a powerful GPS and GNSS solutions and enable field personnel to collect precise positioning data in the most challenging conditions.
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Optical Total Stations

Our Optical Total Stations provide flexibility in a variety of options to suit your needs in the Construction and Survey industries.
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Measuring Tools

Plan your job effectively and reduce down time in at later stages of your project by ensuring you have the correct measuring tools.
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Locators are essential in locating underground assets quickly and simply; minimizing digging and thereby reducing costs.
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Rods, Tripods and Bipods

It is essential to use the right tool to maintain the stability of the piece of equipment being used. View Cansel’s range of rods, tripods, bipods and accessories to find out which is right for you.
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Field Supplies & Safety

A project goes beyond the need for large scale instruments and equipment, ensure you have the correct quality and quantity of safety, measuring and drafting supplies for your job.
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Batteries & Cables

Make sure you have the right batteries & cables to enhance the performance of your equipment.
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Data Collectors

Collect, import, convert, and store precise spatial information for post-processing and speed up your project workflow.





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Schonstedt Trade In, Trade Up Offer

The Schonstedt Trade-In/Trade-Up program has been the best in the business. We accept any make, any model of locator, regardless of condition—even those from the competitors! What you get in return is a brand new Schonstedt of your choosing.
Receive a $150.00 Trade-in credit when you trade-in any used Pin Locator (Schonstedt or Competitor) against the purchase of any new Schonstedt model.
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Product Feature: RD8100 Cable and Pipe Locator

RD8100 is Radiodetection’s most advanced range of cable locators, and builds on over 40 years of pedigree to deliver performance, quality and durability. Containing a unique arrangement of 5 custom-manufactured, precision-ground antennas, it allows you to choose the best method to locate specific cables and pipes. With utility infrastructures becoming more complex, locate professionals require more powerful, flexible tools. Features such as Current Direction and iLOC on the RD8100 cable locator combine with the versatile Tx Transmitter range to deliver high-precision locates even in tough conditions.
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Product Feature: Schonstedt Maggie

The Schonstedt Maggie is the Next Generation Magnetic Locators. The Maggie combines the best features of two flagship Schonstedt products: the sensitivity and precision of the GA-52Cx, and the single-handed operation of the GA-92XT. Now with new Membrane Switch (no more knobs!), improved water and dust resistance, and an IP Rating the Maggie is truly in a class of its own. The Maggie also carries an outstanding 7-year warranty.



Cansel is a growing company and works with a diverse range of companies, small and large. We partner with our customers to help them achieve their goals by increasing efficiency and delivering results.


Employee Spotlight

Get to know the people that make Cansel your number one destination for improving field to finish productivity.



New Products

Cansel is always excited to feature new leading edge products that can help our customers be more efficient.
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