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True North: Quarterly Geospatial Newsletter - Fall 2021

Pat Hills

The Power of the Unspoken Word

In data networking, an acknowledgement (ack) is passed between processes to confirm the receipt and understanding of a message. Conversely, a nak is returned to deny or reject a message or to report an error.


Trimble Business Center - A True Geodetic Platform to Streamline Survey Data Processing from all Sensors

With the ever-increasing democratization of geospatial data, surveyors must now work with geospatial data coming from a multitude of sources and sensors.


Can-Flow: Data-Driven Communication for Efficient and Optimized Workflow

One of the reasons for project failure is lack of communication. Reliable communication is an essential ingredient for making any construction project successful and the stakes are especially high on worksites.

FIVE Observations

FIVE Observations

This section of True North is comprised of five Cansel fun-facts. They don’t quite have enough meat on the bone to warrant an article but are nonetheless worthy of attention. Here are this quarter’s FIVE Observations.

Hometown Spotlight

Marie-Eve St-Hilaire

Marie-Ève St-Hilaire
Wide Format Technical Analyst
Richmond Hill, ON


Norman Ferreira
Service Technician
Richmond Hill, ON