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True North: Quarterly Geospatial Newsletter - Summer 2020

Gut Check Time

Greetings and welcome to the summer 2020 edition of True North. Not to jinx it, but at the time I am writing this we are continuing to move in the right direction with respect to COVID-19 in Canada.

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A Brief History of Surveying and Equipment

Surveying has existed and undergone many transformations over many centuries. I would even offer it as a legitimate candidate for the second oldest profession in the world.

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Disruptive Technology: Low Cost, High Accuracy GNSS On Demand

Breaking through the classic stereotype that high accuracy GNSS spatial data collection is expensive, Trimble Catalyst eliminates the traditional barriers that prevented putting equipment of this nature into the hands of many potential users.

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Cansel University

The world gets smaller and smaller the faster we gather information. Today nothing is out of reach. Ivy League educations can be obtained online, and a child can learn how to cook like a Master Chef.

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FIVE Observations

This new section of True North is comprised of five Cansel fun-facts. They don’t quite have enough meat on the bone to warrant an article but are none-the-less worthy of attention.

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Hometown Spotlight

Mirian Habib

Nicole Miller