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True North: Quarterly Geospatial Newsletter - Summer 2021

Pat Hills

Find Great People to Think With

Think for yourself! How many times did we hear that when we were young? Of course, this is a life skill we are taught from an early age but as we mature as human beings on the planet Earth, we start to rely more on our muscle memory acquired from inherently knowing right from wrong.

Can-Flow by Cansel

New Era of Data and Technology – CAN-FLOW Can Help

Land surveying data has recently evolved from the simplicity of angles and distances to so-called Big Data. This presents several new challenges for companies around the integration of new technology into their workflow to achieve the required deliverables efficiently. Optimizing this workflow becomes vital to the success of the operation.

Trimble Geotechnical IoT Products

New Trimble Geotechnical IoT Products Enable Cansel to Provide a Complete,Turn-Key Automated Monitoring System for Infrastructure and Construction Projects

The complex nature of today’s construction and infrastructure projects, combined with stricter policies around detecting movement of existing structures for safety and maintenance requires a robust, automated monitoring solution.


Increasing Laser Scanning Productivity with FARO’s On-Site Registration

On-Site Registration (OSR) is feature of the Faro S series Laser Scanners that allows for the wireless transmission of scan data to SCENE software for real-time processing. In addition, multiple scans are registered in real time as well.

TBC Data Loss

Trimble Business Center Helps Prevent Survey Data Loss

Perhaps you have used Trimble Business Center (TBC) for years, Trimble’s office solution for surveyors, engineers, or anyone working with geospatial data. However, did you know that you can secure the integrity of your original survey data with TBC? Let me explain…

FIVE Observations

FIVE Observations

This section of True North is comprised of five Cansel fun-facts. They don’t quite have enough meat on the bone to warrant an article but are nonetheless worthy of attention. Here are this quarter’s FIVE Observations.

Hometown Spotlight

Darcy Roe

Darcy Roe
Customer Success Team
Calgary, AB

Sebastien Lacombe

Sébastien Lacombe
CSR/Sales Team
Montréal, QC