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New Trimble Geotechnical IoT Products

True North | Summer 2021

New Trimble Geotechnical IoT Products Enable Cansel to Provide a Complete, Turn-Key Automated Monitoring System for Infrastructure and Construction Projects

Geotechnical IoT Solutions

The complex nature of today’s construction and infrastructure projects, combined with stricter policies around detecting movement of existing structures for safety and maintenance requires a robust, automated monitoring solution.

Committed to providing an automated monitoring portfolio that meets the modern construction, survey and monitoring professionals’ needs, Trimble recently expanded its geospatial portfolio to include geotechnical IoT solutions including sensors, data loggers, a gateway, mobile app and installation accessories. Now monitoring professionals have access to a complete automated monitoring solution from a single provider. This delivers the flexibility to choose a customized system to confidently monitor construction projects, mines, dam sites and other critical assets.

Trimble’s improved geotechnical product line, powered by Worldsensing, provides a fully automated wireless monitoring solution that helps minimize field visits and increases safety by reducing the need to obtain manual readouts. The automated measurements generate real-time notifications and reporting through the new Trimble® 4D Control™ software (T4D) Geotechnical Edition software, which enables users to streamline monitoring system deployment as well as simplify the connection to geotechnical sensors.

Using T4D as a pivotal connection point, the geospatial and geotechnical worlds have been brought together under the Trimble geotechnical portfolio, which now includes:

  • Wireless Geotechnical Sensors: Tiltmeter and laser-tilt sensors, providing tilt and distance measurement readings directly to the gateway
  • Wireless Data Loggers: Vibrating wire, and digital and analog data loggers, supporting connections with a wide range of geotechnical digital and analog sensors communicating information to the gateway
  • Gateway: Rugged Long Range (LoRA) radio and 4G gateway, enabling communication with the wireless geotechnical sensors and data loggers to connect the project site with the office through a cellular or local network
  • Configuration Software: A mobile application for data logger configuration and a web user interface for network and device management connected to the office via T4D software
  • Accessories: Installation accessories for a variety of mounting and configuration environments

T4D Control provides automated movement detection to inform decisions about infrastructure. The main benefits of the T4D platform at its core are:

  • Sensor Management and Data Integration: T4D allows automated integration of geospatial data in one platform, including Trimble’s new product line
  • Geodetic Processing and Adjustment: T4D is the only software that combines GNSS, total station and geotechnical sensors with geodetic processing in a single environment allowing for highly accurate processing
  • Comprehensive Analysis and Visualization: There are several ways to visualize data and combine inputs for meaningful analysis of key insights
  • Conditional Alarming and Reporting: T4D allows you to receive timely updates and share mission critical warnings and deliverables with project members within moments of a triggered alarm

By connecting geotechnical sensors via T4D, the integration of geotechnical data in monitoring projects is streamlined, increasing the level of confidence in final deliverables. Going a step further, integration with the Settop M1 total station controller, which enhances the operation of a Trimble total station, adds the diagnostic tools needed to allow remote system troubleshooting and minimize monitoring project downtime.

Some of Canada’s largest infrastructure projects are being monitored today using Trimble’s T4D management system. Cansel’s team of dedicated monitoring professionals will be on hand to provide local sales, installation, training and technical support to handle all monitoring project movement detection needs. For more information, visit: and

Trimble IoT Solutions
Wireless Tiltmeter - Railway

Trimble Monitoring Introduces Geotechnical Portfolio Powered by Worldsensing

Rowland Chen
Monitoring Sales Manager | Trimble Monitoring