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FIVE Observations

True North | Summer 2021

Five Observations

This section of True North is comprised of five Cansel fun-facts. They don’t quite have enough meat on the bone to warrant an article but are nonetheless worthy of attention. Here are this quarter’s FIVE Observations.


The Quickest Way to Get Technical Support

There are a few avenues you can take to access Technical Support at Cansel, but you may not know which one is the fastest. The quickest way to get technical support is via direct email to A support ticket is automatically created, your company information is populated, and the support team can see immediately if you are a CSP client. And as you know, clients with the Cansel Support Plan take top priority in our ticketing system and are helped first. The majority of CSP cases are being worked on within the first 30 minutes of reaching us, whereas non-CSP cases may take up to a few hours. So take advantage of the value of being a CSP client with priority support and send your inquiries to Want support even faster? Keep an eye out for the launch of our new and improved Support platform!


Cansel Equipment Demonstrations – Post Covid

We don’t want to jinx anything by declaring the pandemic in the rear-view mirror, but the truth is, our experience over the last year has forced us to rethink the way we engage with customers. If you are in a remote community or if you are still not comfortable with visitors to your office, the Cansel account managers have perfected the art of the remote (not virtual) demonstration… of survey equipment… in the field!! Give them an hour and let them show you how they can transform your business today!


Cansel Support Plan

It has been a just over a year since we introduced our Cansel Support Plan (CSP). The response has been fantastic. With this support plan not only will you and our company benefit from quicker telephone support and savings on Trimble certified on-site training and training courses, you will also have access to Cansel’s on-line learning portal. Our renewal team will be contacting you soon and is excited to help ensure your uninterrupted service.

Download our flyer.


Best Price In Canada

At Cansel we want to contribute to the efficiency and profitability of your organization so we are continuing to offer Best In Canada Price Guarantee on the top selling products that you rely on. These incredible prices are only available on and shipping remains free.


Tiny Robot now in Canada

The Tiny Surveyor is the ultimate high-precision instrument for the surveying, civil engineering, construction, and infrastructure industries. Supported by an onboard GNSS or RTS unit, it has an unparalleled ability to execute large tasks up to ten times faster than traditional surveying and stake-out methods. This robot is capable of performing pre-marking, stake-out, data collection, as-built surveys and more, increasing quality, efficiency and safety in the infrastructure industry.

Ask your Cansel representative for more information.