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Détecteur Radiodetection PCMx et émetteur Tx-25 PCM, mallette detransport

Modèle #10/PCMX25KIT-CA | SKU #539895

The Radiodetection PCMx Locator and Tx-25 PCM Transmitter Kit is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for corrosion and Cathodic Protection System (CPS) professionals. This advanced system allows users to assess the condition and efficiency of pipeline coatings, locate faults and holidays in coatings, and identify shorts caused by contact with other structures. With the inclusion of a portable 25W transmitter, this kit offers improved portability and usability, making it an essential tool for professionals in the field.

Key Features:

  • Coating Evaluation: The PCMx system enables professionals to evaluate the condition and effectiveness of pipeline coatings, ensuring optimal corrosion protection. It provides accurate and reliable data for efficient decision-making.

  • Fault and Holiday Detection: Users can locate faults and holidays in pipeline coatings, enabling them to address potential issues promptly. This feature helps maintain the integrity and longevity of pipelines.

  • Short Identification: The system can identify shorts caused by contact with other structures, aiding in troubleshooting and preventing potential damage. This capability ensures the safety and efficiency of pipeline operations.

  • Portable 25W Transmitter: The included 25W transmitter represents a significant advancement in portability and usability. It allows professionals to perform their tasks with ease, even in challenging and remote environments.

  • Comprehensive Kit: The kit includes essential components such as the PCMx Locator, Tx-25 PCM Transmitter, A Frame, Bag, and Soft Locator Carry Bag. This comprehensive set ensures professionals have all the necessary tools for accurate and efficient pipeline coating evaluation.

Improved Efficiency: The PCMx system streamlines the evaluation process, enabling professionals to quickly assess the condition of pipeline coatings. This efficiency results in significant time savings and increased productivity.

Enhanced Safety: By detecting faults, holidays, and shorts, the system helps prevent potential hazards and accidents related to pipeline corrosion. It promotes a safer working environment for professionals.

Portability and Usability: The inclusion of a portable 25W transmitter enhances mobility and ease of use. Professionals can conveniently carry and operate the equipment in various field conditions.

Reliable Data: The PCMx system provides accurate and reliable data, enabling professionals to make informed decisions regarding pipeline maintenance and corrosion protection measures.

Comprehensive Kit: The kit includes essential accessories, such as the A Frame, Bag, and Soft Locator Carry Bag, which provide convenient storage and transport options for the equipment.


Spécifications de nivelage Émetteur 25W inclu
Garantie Garantie de 1 an; garantie supplémentaire de 2 ans après l'enregistrement de l'utilisateur
Couleur Bleu
Type de batterie Bloc de piles rechargeable Li-Ion
Affichage Affichage simultané du courant et de la profondeur
Modes Passifs Transmet des signaux de plus de 19 miles (30 km +) pour les pipelines de transmission à longue portée
Marque Radiodetection
Type de Produit Détecteur et Émetteur