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Rite in the Rain Feuilles Mobiles No. 372

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24,00 $

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The Rite in the Rain 372 All-Weather Loose Leaf is the ideal companion for all your fieldwork needs, thanks to its resilient waterproof and tear-resistant pages. Crafted with practicality in mind, these pages are thoughtfully designed for easy addition and removal, featuring a 6-hole punch configuration that seamlessly fits into Rite in the Rain Binders and Standard Planners. With a Universal page pattern featuring blue ink, this paper provides a versatile and dependable platform for various applications.

Key Features:

  • Universal Pattern Paper: This loose leaf paper boasts a Universal pattern, suitable for a wide range of data recording and note-taking needs.

  • Waterproof and Tear-Resistant: Crafted to withstand the harshest conditions, these pages are both waterproof and tear-resistant, ensuring your valuable data remains protected.

  • Compact Size: Measuring at 4.625 x 7 inches, these pages are conveniently sized to fit in your pocket or backpack, making them an excellent choice for fieldwork on the go.

  • Versatile Outdoor Use: Whether you're working outdoors or in situations where document protection is paramount, these pages are designed to rise to the challenge.

  • Field Data Collection: The pages include dedicated forms and grid pages for streamlined data collection and analysis, simplifying your fieldwork.

  • 6-Hole Punch: The 6-hole punch configuration allows for easy integration into Rite in the Rain Binders and Standard Planners, offering exceptional organizational flexibility.


  • Surveying: Perfect for surveyors who require durable and reliable paper in the field.

  • Engineering: A trusted choice for engineers conducting fieldwork and data collection.

  • Construction: Ideal for use in construction projects where weather-resistant documentation is crucial.

  • Contracting: Well-suited for contractors who need robust paper for their field documentation and notes.

The Rite in the Rain 372 All-Weather Loose Leaf is your dependable companion for all fieldwork tasks. With its robust waterproof and tear-resistant construction, versatile Universal pattern, and compatibility with Rite in the Rain Binders and Standard Planners, it ensures your data remains secure and organized in challenging conditions. Whether you're surveying, engineering, constructing, or contracting, trust in the quality and reliability of this versatile loose leaf paper.

Nombre de pages 100
Quantité Chaque
Graduations des mesures Field
Type de matériel All Weather
Diamètre 4.625" x 7"
Couleur Blanc
Marque Rite in the Rain
Type de Produit Feuilles Mobiles