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Ruban David White en fibre de verre - 30 m

Modèle #34-Y30M | SKU #566516
23,00 $

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The David White 30m Fiberglass Tape is a versatile measuring tool designed to provide precise measurements and durability for a variety of applications. This tape measure offers a range of features that enhance its functionality and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Two-Sided Tape: This tape measure is two-sided, offering metric measurements on one side and feet and inches on the reverse. This dual-sided design provides versatility for different measurement needs.

  • Durable Non-Woven PVC-Coated Fiberglass: The tape is constructed with non-woven PVC-coated fiberglass, known for its superior durability. This construction ensures that the tape measure can withstand the rigors of various work environments.

  • Markings Resistant to Fluids: The markings on this tape measure are not affected by casual contact with alcohol, brine, paint thinner, gasoline, or similar fluids. This resistance to common fluids ensures long-lasting readability and accuracy.

  • Easy-to-Clean PVC Face: The PVC face of the tape measure does not collect dust or mildew, and stains can be easily washed off with soap and water, ensuring that the tape remains clean and functional.

  • Protective Rust-Inhibiting PVC Case: Closed cases of this tape measure are coated with protective rust-inhibiting PVC, enhancing the tape measure's durability and protection against corrosion.

  • Double Throat Rollers: The case features double throat rollers that guide the tape's return and prevent twisting, ensuring stable and accurate measurements.

  • Flush-Folding Handle: The tape measure's handle is flush-folding and secured by a push-pin knob, providing ease of use and convenient storage.

  • Waterproof and Dirt-Resistant: This tape measure is waterproof and dirt-resistant, ensuring that it remains functional even in challenging conditions. It can be washed to maintain cleanliness.

  • Impact-Resistant Reel Design: Open reels of this tape measure feature a reinforced, rounded design that enhances impact resistance and ease of use. The large rubber grip handle and new color combinations further improve usability.

  • Exceptional Durability: These tough tapes are designed to withstand substantial wear and tear, even with vehicles driving over them. They are more durable than steel and more functional than cloth tapes, making them suitable for a wide range of demanding applications.

The David White 30m Fiberglass Tape is a dependable measuring tool that excels in durability, functionality, and resistance to environmental factors. Whether you require metric or imperial measurements, this tape measure consistently delivers precision and reliability for your projects. Its robust construction and user-friendly design make it a valuable addition to your toolkit, ensuring accurate measurements in various work settings.

Quantité Each
Graduations des mesures Metric
Type de matériel Fibre de verre
Spécifications de nivelage métrique
Garantie 1 Year
Plage de mesure 30m
Couleur Yellow
Marque David White
Type de Produit Ruban à Mesurer Fibre de Verre