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Rotosure Classic Deluxe Measuring Wheel - Metric (12.5" Diameter)

Model #RSCLA-M | SKU #507120
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Rotosure Classic Deluxe Measuring Wheel - Metric (12.5" Diameter)

The Rotosure Classic Deluxe Measuring Wheel simplifies the task of measuring with its ergonomic design and lightweight construction, making it the ideal choice for professionals covering long walking distances on various surfaces. Let the Rotosure Classic Deluxe take the effort out of your measurements.

Measuring Wheel Details:

  • Compact Folding Lock System: The Rotosure Classic Deluxe Measuring Wheel features a compact folding lock system, enabling easy transportation to any field location. Its portability ensures you can take it wherever your work demands.

  • Lightweight and Ergonomic Design: Designed with user comfort in mind, this measuring wheel is lightweight and ergonomically shaped, allowing for comfortable use during extended walks, minimizing user fatigue.

  • Sturdy and Durable Wheel: With a robust 1-meter wheel circumference, the Rotosure Classic Deluxe provides stable balance on roads, sidewalks, and various land surfaces, ensuring accuracy in measurements.

  • Enhanced Grip Pistol-Type Handle: The pistol-type handle is designed for an enhanced grip, providing increased control and comfort while measuring, enhancing precision during operation.

  • Heavy Duty Debris Removing Scraper: Equipped with a heavy-duty debris removing scraper, this measuring wheel ensures that debris or dirt does not interfere with your measurements, maintaining accuracy in challenging conditions.

  • 5-Digit Readable Digital Gauge: The digital gauge offers a 5-digit readable display for accurate metric measurements, reducing the need for manual calculations and minimizing errors.

  • Analog Counter Dial Resets at 10,000 ft: The analog counter dial resets at 10,000 feet, allowing for easy tracking of measurements and simplifying the measurement process.

Measuring Wheel Applications:

The Rotosure Classic Deluxe Measuring Wheel is designed to excel in a variety of professional applications, including:

  • Surveying: Achieve precise measurements for land surveying, ensuring accurate data for mapping and analysis.

  • Landscaping: Simplify landscaping projects by accurately measuring areas and distances, aiding in the planning and execution of landscape designs.

  • Contracting: Ideal for contractors, this measuring wheel assists in estimating materials, costs, and project planning with reliable measurements.

  • Construction: Improve construction efficiency by accurately measuring distances for layout and site preparation, reducing errors in construction projects.

  • Estimating: Streamline estimating processes with quick and accurate metric distance measurements, facilitating cost estimation and project bidding.

The Rotosure Classic Deluxe Measuring Wheel is a dependable, user-friendly, and versatile tool that meets the demands of professionals in surveying, landscaping, contracting, construction, and estimating. Its ergonomic design and precision make it an invaluable addition to your toolkit for various measurement tasks, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in diverse work environments.

Range 10,000 Ft.
Quantity Each
Measurement Graduations Meters - CM
Locking System Folding Lock System
Material Type Aluminium
Warranty 2 Year
Diameter Wheel Diameter 0.32m
Measurement Range 10 000 m
Brand Rotosure
Weight 1.8 kg
Product Type Measuring Wheel