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Subsurface Technologies

At Cansel we insist on the highest standards from our suppliers, because once the product is in your hands, it becomes a reflection of us.

Radiodetection locators are designed to provide the best performance in magnetic metal and pipe and cable location in the industry. And our Schonstedt locators make finding buried manhole covers, surveying monuments and access points under soil or asphalt efficient, quick and simple.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) uses radio waves to build a picture of what is below the surface. Ground Penetrating Radar sends out a pulse of radio energy which bounces off the buried object and is detected by the receiver. The results, showing the location and depth of buried objects, are displayed in real-time in the field or can be integrated into maps and other deliverables.

The benefits of knowing what is inside or beneath a surface are almost endless. Knowing where to dig or not to dig, finding lost or unknown objects, and mapping the results have clear applications in many industries. Just as importantly, not knowing these things almost always increases costs and very often presents a safety hazard to you or the public.

Radiodetection Precision Locator Bundle

GPR preview

Use GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) for:

Utility locating



Road and building maintenance

Law enforcement, mining, archaeology

UXO detection

Geophysics and environmental assessment projects


LMX200 GPR Locator

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TerraFlow Geomatics
TerraFlow Utility Locate Mapper
Put your field data to good use
TerraFlow Utility Locate Mapper enables locate and engineering teams to gather information about their underground world and integrate it with other business systems such as their Geographic Information System and / or Enterprise Asset Management System.
Get the Industry’s Most Configurable and Flexible Utility Mapping Solution
Locate Focused Workflows
Create the workflows you need to capture the assets you want with whatever attributes you require.
Complete your public and private locate sketches in the field, leveraging the data captured. Build offsets and integrate your maps into your organization’s locate reports.
Administer your workflows with both your office and field teams through the web system.
Integrate your Utility Mapper data with your asset repository. Synchronize with your GIS, export to CAD, and more.
Download TerraFlow Utility Mapper today.
TerraFlow in Google Store

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