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Monitoring solutions from Cansel

Automated Integration of Geospatial Data Together in a Single Platform

Geodetic and Geotechnical Sensors Supported by T4D

Total Stations

Total stations determine three dimensional coordinates of target points by combining horizontal angle (Hz), vertical angle (V) and distance (D) measurements.

GNSS Receivers

GNSS receivers deliver high frequency and accurate three dimensional coordinates of target points.

Geotechnical Sensors

Geotechnical instrumentation refers to all the different sorts of instruments that are used to monitor the earth and environment (e.g. soil moisture, temperature, water level), structures on it and beneath it (e.g cracks, pressure, tilt).

Geotechnical Monitoring for Structures

Monitoring the behaviour of a structure and its surrounding structures during and following the construction phase can help prevent disasters. Specialists can take measurements and perform regular inspections, but there are much more cost-effective automated systems that can serve as warning systems on your job sites.

The use of a tiltmeter in monitoring projects lets you measure the changes to the horizontal plane perpendicular to the gravitational force. A tiltmeter takes highly accurate angular measurements in 2 or 3 axes, depending on the model, and can therefore help quantify a structure’s differential settlement.

These observations are then transmitted over a low-frequency radio to a gateway that can be installed up to a few kilometres away from the sensor. Using an internet connection, the gateway sends the information to the server hosting the Trimble 4D software where data can be reviewed and analyzed.

Geotechnical Monitoring for Structures

Trimble 4D Control – An Enterprise Monitoring Solution

The complex nature of today’s construction and infrastructure projects, combined with stricter policies around detecting movement of existing structures for safety and maintenance requires a robust, automated monitoring solution.

Some of Canada’s largest infrastructure projects are being monitored today using Trimble’s T4D management system. Cansel’s team of dedicated monitoring professionals will be on hand to provide local sales, installation, training and technical support to handle all monitoring project movement detection needs.

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T4D Control - Available at Cansel

Trimble T4D Control provides automated movement detection to inform decisions about infrastructure. The main benefits of the T4D platform at its core are:

  • Sensor Management and Data Integration: T4D allows automated integration of geospatial data in one platform, including Trimble’s new product line
  • Geodetic Processing and Adjustment: T4D is the only software that combines GNSS, total station and geotechnical sensors with geodetic processing in a single environment allowing for highly accurate processing
  • Comprehensive Analysis and Visualization: There are several ways to visualize data and combine inputs for meaningful analysis of key insights
  • Conditional Alarming and Reporting: T4D allows you to receive timely updates and share mission critical warnings and deliverables with project members within moments of a triggered alarm

Not every monitoring job requires full automation, as is offered with T4D. Cansel can help you determine the right solution for your project while choosing from state-of-the-art robotic total stations, GNSS receivers, geotechnical sensors, scanning/robotic total stations, and remote managements and communication systems.

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